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Péter Herbel
Founder, CEO, Lead Cloud Architect
István Kovács
Cloud Architect

Experienced IT Architect with over 17 years IT experience in various business sectors and IT areas with extensive experience in Microsoft software, project and people management.

Péter Bögi
Cloud Software Engineer

Passionate Cloud Software Egineer

János Körömi
Cloud Software Engineer

Passionate Cloud Software Developer who's driven by the desire to face new challenges every day.

Attila Érsek
Cloud Architect

Cloud-native, micro-services software architect. I specialize in crafting scalable, highly available distributed architectures using cloud-native platform services, Kubernetes and service meshes.

Péter Herbel
Cloud Architect

Cloud and DevOps expert. Enthusiast of Cloud Distributed Systems and High performance application.

Zoltán Morvai
Cloud Architect

Cloud application development, DevOps and data expert with 10+ years industry experience.


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We love to work together with our business partners and advisers. They are the most experienced tech gurus in the software industry.
Márton Csiki
Business Partner & Advisor

COO & Founder at Hatamoto Zrt., ex-Microsoftie, 15+ years of delivering successful projects and programs in multinational environments

Etele Mészáros
Business Partner & Advisor

Founder and CEO of TriSys, Microsoft Modern Workplace solution expert

Agnes Botos
Recruitment Advisor

Founder and CEO of Violet Consulting Ltd., 10 years experience in IT recruitment and HR consultancy, working with Tech companies

Istvan Simon
Business Partner & Advisor

CEO at Prefixbox || Helping retailers in On-site Search Istvan has 14+ years of experience delivering software products and online services at web scale.

"DevOps is the union of people, processes, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users."

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