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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program can offer numerous benefits for businesses. Here are some reasons why it might be a good fit for your organization

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Microsoft CSP program benefits for businesses

Officially, CSP stands for Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. You may find different interpretations like "Microsoft Cloud Service Provider" or "Cloud Solutions Provider", which are pretty similar and also reflect the core principle of this licensing program

What is CSP?

CSP is a licensing agreement that Microsoft introduced in 2015 to allow you to procure Microsoft cloud services and software licenses directly from Microsoft partners, who often bundle them with their services. That was the core idea, so you don't simply buy licenses and cloud – you purchase tailored IT services with licenses included.

Products and services in CSP include Microsoft 365 (ex-Office 365), Microsoft Azure, and a subset of server and desktop licenses.

With CSP, Microsoft modernized your customer experience. CSP is a relationship between you and Microsoft with a skilled partner in between. The partner will manage the subscription for you, which gives them more control over your customer experience and how you are billed but provides you with one point of contact for all your needs – from licenses to support.

What is the benefits?

From the customer perspective, you have more flexibility over how you're billed - you can be invoiced monthly or annually, for example. Annual subscriptions in CSP have a monthly billing option.

You also get one point of contact for support and billing for your licenses and cloud usage. The CSP partner is supposed to take care of your entire customer journey.

CSPs handle all aspects of the customer lifecycle, from initial sale to ongoing support and service. They can assist with onboarding, adoption, and user training, making the transition to new services smoother.


With Microsoft CSP, you have the flexibility to provide and customize Microsoft cloud solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. You can mix and match apps to create a solution that fits your requirements.

Expert Support

As part of the CSP program, you can access direct support from your local Microsoft CSP Partner. This can be significantly better experience and beneficial if you encounter any issues or have technical quetions.

Service and Subscription Bundles

CSPs can bundle Microsoft cloud services with their own services, or with services from other vendors. This allows partners to provide more complete solutions.


The CSP program allows partners to have more flexible billing arrangements with their customers. They can offer different payment options and terms that align with their business model and the specific needs of their customers.

Subscription Management

CSP provides an easier way to manage your subscriptions to Microsoft products and services. You can scale up or down based on your current requirements, which is beneficial in a dynamic business environment. Your partner always help you to keep the control.


By providing customized solutions, direct support, flexible licensing, bundled services, and expert advice, CSPs can help businesses save money and get better value from their Microsoft cloud services.


Azure Cloud subscription in CSP

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program provides several benefits to customers who want to use Microsoft Azure. Here are a few key advantages:

Flexible Billing

With CSP, customers can benefit from a pay-as-you-go model for Azure services. This means you only pay for the services you use, allowing for cost optimization and more efficient resource allocation. It allows Reserved Instances, Saving Plans and Hybrid benefits.

Direct Support

We as a CSP Partner provides direct, personalized support to you. This includes technical support, billing support, and help with account management. This can be more efficient and effective than dealing with general customer service.


We are experts in Azure services. We can provide advice and guidance to help you get the most out of their Azure subscriptions, including best practices for security, cost management, and configuration.


Microsoft modern workplace user seat subscriptions

Microsoft's Modern Workplace Services offer a variety of benefits that can transform the way organizations work. Here are some of the key advantages. Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform services are perfect from SMB to Enterprises.

Monthly subscription

Your partner will invoice you every month for how much you use. It is the most flexible option but costs 20% more than an annual subscription.

Annual subscription

You commit for the year in advance, but you may be billed monthly. You can't downsize until the end of the subscription unless you cancel it in the first seven days. After that, you will have to pay for the rest of the subscription.

3-year subscription

It is like an annual subscription, but it lasts longer, and there is no monthly billing option for server subscriptions. The upside is that the cost is more predictable.


Microsoft perpetual licenses

CSP also offers some perpetual licences, but please be wary and enquire your CSP partner about perpetual license limitations.Since Microsoft stopped its Open License program, clients and partners needed a new way to get traditional licenses without making the same commitments as in an Enterprise Agreement. CSP partners also needed a way to remain the single point of contact for all their clients' licensing needs and sustain a more consistent customer relationship. CSP license availability

Microsoft SQL Server

Standard or Enterprise Core licenses are available. Get quote.

Microsoft Windows Server

Standard, Datacenter or user CALs are available.

CSP has no Software Assurance

And thus, it does not have SA benefits. It provides partial equivalent benefits for subscription licences, but one must not assume that all the Software Assurance rights are available in CSP.


What is a Microsoft Customer Agreement, MCA?

MCA, or "Microsoft Customer Agreement", is a licensing agreement between Microsoft and the end customer (you). When you acquire Microsoft software licenses and services from a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), your first step is to sign an MCA.

MCA Agreement is not exclusive to the CSP program. When you purchase Microsoft services through the Microsoft web portal ("Web direct") or from a Microsoft sales representative ("Microsoft Enterprise Motion"), you must also sign an MCA.

That is why, when you search for CSP licensing terms on the Microsoft Product Terms website, there is no "CSP program" in the drop-down menu. The option you need to choose is "Microsoft Customer Agreement".


How CSP works, step-by-step

1. You need to find an authorised Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program partner that fits your requirements, delivers the services you need, and overall add value for your business.

2. This Microsoft CSP partner will provide you with a Microsoft Customer Agreement – MCA. Signing the MCA creates a licensing relationship between your organisation and Microsoft.

3. Your chosen partner is your first line of communication. Depending on their "partner tier", they will provide you with billing and technical support directly (Tier 1 or "direct model" partners) or via their distributor ("indirect CSP partners"). Microsoft itself will not offer billing or technical support.

4. Your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program partner will help you manage your Microsoft Online Services portal, procure licenses, renew subscriptions, and more.

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