Migrating Jira to Azure DevOps or GitHub

If you are affected by Jira Server end of support or price change and your organization is heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, this could be a significant benefit.

Consideration of the Jira Migration to Azure DevOps

Jira Server End of Support Feb 15, 2024

Atlassian and Marketplace Partners will no longer offer technical support, security updates, or bug fixes for critical vulnerabilities.

Price increased for Jira and Confluence users from October 18, 2022

This alteration resulted in a price increase for Jira users by about 15%. As you can imagine, this came as a blow to some enterprise customers and sent them looking for other options. Azure DevOps Services is one such alternative.

Azure DevOps prices

Estimated monthly per user prices for 1000 users

Azure DevOps

Basic Plan: $ 5,97
Basic + Test Plans: $ 52

Artifacts: $ 1 / Gb

Microsoft Hosted Pipeline: $ 40

Self Hosted Pipeline: $ 15

Benefits of Azure DevOps

Unified Ecosystem

Azure DevOps can integrate well with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Azure cloud platform, Power BI, etc., providing a more streamlined, consistent experience. If your organization is heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, this could be a significant benefit.

Comprehensive Toolset

Azure DevOps provides an all-in-one solution that includes source control (Azure Repos), CI/CD (Azure Pipelines), agile project management tools (Azure Boards), artifact storage (Azure Artifacts), and a testing tool (Azure Test Plans). You can cover most of your DevOps needs without needing to mix and match tools.

Cost Effectiveness

Depending on your current setup and the scale of your operations, you might find Azure DevOps to be a more cost-effective solution, particularly if you're already using other Azure services or Microsoft software like Visual Studio.

Integrated Security

Azure DevOps, being part of the larger Azure platform, benefits from Azure AD's advanced security features, ensuring that your development environment is secure.

Powerful CI/CD Features

Azure Pipelines provide robust and flexible CI/CD capabilities, which could be an improvement over what you're currently using with Jira and other Atlassian products.


Azure DevOps, being a Microsoft product, offers significant scalability and reliability benefits. Microsoft's cloud infrastructure is robust and reliable, and Azure DevOps services are designed to leverage this infrastructure effectively.


Azure DevOps

Plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with a set of modern dev services. Learn more

Azure Boards
Deliver value to your users faster using proven agile tools to plan, track, and discuss work across your teams.
Azure Pipelines
Build, test, and deploy with CI/CD that works with any language, platform, and cloud. Connect to GitHub or any other Git provider and deploy continuously.
Azure Repos
Get unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repos and collaborate to build better code with pull requests and advanced file management.
Azure Artifacts
Create, host, and share packages with your team, and add artifacts to your CI/CD pipelines with a single click.
Azure Test Plans
Test and ship with confidence using manual and exploratory testing tools.
GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps
Develop securely from inception to ship.

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